The Creation

The Name

 Lupoid was born in December 2007. He came about at the same time I got my xBox 360 but the name wasn’t pure chance or randomly selected.

When you are presented with the option to “select” your own name, what do you choose? Over the last 23 years I have been called many names. Some quite quirky, some actually associated to my name, and others that have been quite vulgar.

When very young I was referred to as “Miffy”. Not the popular female rabbit as created by Dick Bruna in 1955 but as a mis-pronunciation of my real name, Timothy. This returned at a later date when I was at university and, while drunk, couldn’t pronounce my own name and then explained it wasn’t the first time it had been said. It then stuck for three years!

The only other name that seems to have stuck around is “Red”. This one came about from when I first started my current job in March 2008. For the first few months my hair was dyed an overly vivd red colour. After being known as “the lad with the red hair” it eventually got shortened to “red” after I had dyed it back to a normal colour.

This brings us back to “Lupoid”. Where did that come from?

In November 2007 I went off work sick with various problems. After seeing my GP and then a small collection of specialists at the local hospital they finally diagnosed my with “Discoid Lupus Erythmatosus” (DLE) in early December 2007 with evidence of some other “undifferentiated connective tissue disease” (UCTD). At this stage I had no idea what either of those things were but I what I did know was that I would be living with related problems for the rest of my life…

Between the diagnosis of “Lupus” and getting my xBox I did a considerable amount of research on the net and found some interesting (and not so interesting) information in relation to Lupus. First off, “lupus” literally translates from latin as “wolf”, and secondly, lupus causes a rash across the bridge of the nose similar to the scarring that is caused by wolves fighting with one another.

Lupoid means – resembling lupus (the medical condition) or, in the case of the creation, wolf-like.

And where did the picture come from?

The image I use was a matter of coincidence. If you “google” Lupoid and go to the images page you will see the image I use as my avatar. I found it on a page called as an image of the dog with wolf-like features belonging to Sir Ernest Shackleton and so named Lupoid Shackleton. The idea that a dog of the same name could survive near the antarctic on an expedition where a lot of men lost their lives certainly appealed to my philosophy of my creation, and so the image was adopted and has since stuck.

The Future of Lupoid

As my body gradually deteriorates, Lupoid becomes stronger. As the home page suggests, Lupoid can do anything even whilst I can’t do simple tasks. Through the games I play, the worlds I visit and the people I come across Lupoid grows into even more than I thought possible.

Lupoid now spans the xBox, Playstation and Wii networks as well as on the world wide web. He is no longer just a character but a creation that interacts with others in such a way as one might almost think he were human. I no longer control the development of him as I once did. It’s as if he has a life of his own…

  1. brenlives says:

    Hello, I have benn diagnosed with LUPUS now for 3 plus years. I like the idea of LUPOID…seems a smart LUPIS patient would allow their inner LUPOID to flourish. No we can’t do all we wish for every day…but our inner selves can…and it seems you have found a way to bring that inner self out into the real world…Welldone! Bren.

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