Posted: November 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

So sometime during the last week my blog silently slipped past the 20k reader mark and it’s interesting to see that the most popular post is the one entitled “I’m Sorry”. Around half the visits to my site land straight onto that page.

Is it that we as human beings make mistakes far too often? I think so. But the real show of humanity is in the reactions after the mistakes are made.

Some people seem completely unaware that they have overstepped their mark. Some don’t even realise there was that line in the first place. And then there are those who have been made to believe that everything was their mistake from the start.

Shit happens. But how do we react. I’d like to think that we all learn from our mistakes. But sometimes we seem doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over, time after time. And sometimes those mistakes are “unforgivable”. I have had my moments where I have tripped up and made some “unforgivable” mistakes and yet I have been fortunate enough that I have been forgiven. I guess that it shows those who truly love us, who will stand by our side, no matter what.

In my past I have done some terrible things, but the question is, have I learnt my lesson? I’d like to think so. But I know that in certain cases I’ve had to repeat the same mistake just to make sure I properly screwed up.

Am I doomed to repeat the same mistakes? Probably. Do I feel remorse for all those mistakes? Definitely.

I sometimes wish I were perfect. But none of us are. Although I have met a few people who like to think they are infallible. But those people aren’t exactly swimming in an abundance of close friends. Nor am I for that matter but I know that I have a few close friends and my family who repeatedly forgive me for my mistakes.

These people, the people who I hold most dear, are the ones who I don’t deserve to call my friends and family because it is always them who I will hurt the most.

I will always endeavour to be that perfect person in their eyes, even though I will, at times, fall drastically short of their expectations. We will hurt each other with our actions and wicked tongues. But the key to the bond we share is in the compassion we show with our forgiveness and the remorse to truly avoid a repeat, even if we are doomed to repeat those mistakes.

Can I ask something of you? Can you forgive? Not necessarily me, but someone close to you. Have they slipped out of favour because of a stupid mistake or unthoughtful action?


I’ve waffled long enough.


I’m sorry.



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