Long Distance

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

For someone who has always tried to see where life is taking me I have now well and truly fallen out of my comfort zone. With everything that’s happened in the last few weeks I’ve found myself completely and uterly lost and with no hint of direction. It’s even at the point where I can’t even see or plan 24hrs ahead. Anything can change and it has me right on edge.

I know certain things are a must, sort out house, car and above all else make sure I’m seeing my son. But then what? Where is life going to take me? I thought I had it all planned out and now that plan’s gone out the window I’m actually finding myself panicking.

Even the things that I thought were sure have turned out to be as insecure as a… (can’t think of a metaphor, I must be rattled). The things I thought I could rely on have turned to dust.

I’m coming down to my last nerve and my body is really not appreciating any of this. I need something solid to hold on to but it’s out of reach. Every time I move closer it moves away just as quick. Just that one thing to grab on to and things make a little more sense…


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