I did promise…

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

…a new post…

…ages ago…

…and I really have no answer as to why it’s been so delayed because there has been shed-loads to write about.

I didn’t get the position at work that I’d applied for. Although I was a little disappointed I know it didn’t fall down to any huge personal failing. They cut the number of available positions from ten to one. Needless to say, with my limited warehouse experience there were other candidates who were better suited.

I managed almost seven weeks with zero painkillers…. yes, that’s right… seven weeks – zero painkillers. That was, of course, after I shook that horrendous chest infection.

I have managed to catch something else last week which found me off work for a day but nothing overly major… except it’s triggered another flare. Just in time for Christmas. BUT!

The shopping is done, the visits to family checked off the list and the lamb has just come out of the freezer ready for cooking tomorrow. The fire is burning brightly with the tree loaded with pressies. The boy is tucked up asleep in bed and I’m now sat with the wife watching Christmas movies…

I don’t care how crappy Lupus can be but not now, it’s not gonna win.

(There’s loads more to fill you in on but that’ll have to wait for another night… zzz)


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