Up and Down and Up

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Specifically Lupus, Work
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I’m really not sure where to start on this one…

My intention for Lupus awareness month has been to focus on factual stuff that can be useful for disseminating to “the wider audience” but, yet again, the proverbial shit has happened.

My alarm went off at nine this morning, I hit snooze, it went off again, I got up… (fairly typical start to the day really)

My blood pressure hit the floor, followed shortly after by me…

I vaguely recall snippets of life in slow motion and then all of a sudden 13:55 slapped me in the face. I couldn’t work out whether I should be rushing around to get in to work as soon as possible, whether I should check that all my body parts were functioning as they should, or whether to just right it off as a bad job altogether.

I went for the second option and made it to work about an hour after the start of my shift. Thank God for an empathetic boss!

If you’ve read yesterdays post you’ll notice that I was getting frustrated about my contract and the trainers position I’d applied for. I went and spoke to the agency today and all I asked was “is it possible to have a copy of the disability policy” not realising that the HR manager was stood behind me.

I took the opportunity to explain that I didn’t have my contract and that some of the instances where I’d clocked in late from my break or been late for my shift altogether were down to difficulties with my condition. I was just wanting to clarify where I stood in relation to these discrepancies. I was happy to accept the fact that I’d been late and would make an effort to prevent it from happening in the future, late is late after all, but the HR manager seemed a little flustered by it and asked me if I felt overlooked. I think she thought I was ready to file a grievance…

Needless to say, tomorrow they want me to bring in my ID and are going to give me time to sit down and go through the contract before I sign it.


But this little victory seems a little hollow at the moment. It seems to be that time of year when us lupies pick up miscellaneous infections and get knocked for six. I’m hoping that this morning was the worst I’ll get it but given previous years I’m feeling a little doubtful.

A close friend and fellow lupie has been in hospital for a few days and is home now because of risk of infection, only to be back in next week to “talk treatment”…

Another recently formed friend is in ICU with an unknown infection and her blood pressure keeps dropping.

Along with other “normal” friends who are in hospital too…

Hell, in all consideration I feel quite healthy!

(For those among you who are believers I’d like to ask for some prayers for these folks)

On a different note, just to emphasise the point of the title, I dealt with returned orders from a William Wallace (Commander in the Scottish Wars of Independence)and someone with the email address starting “oldpeoplehavesex@”. A few weeks ago I had a return from Meg Griffin (Family Guy)…

  1. Iris Carden says:

    I’m amazed you made it to work at all after being attacked by a floor. (Floors are among the cruelest of inanimate objects – when they hit you they hit everywhere indiscriminately.) I will keep you and your friends in my prayers.

    • Lupoid says:

      You’re quite right, floors can be ruthless at times. But in saying that, ironing boards, high chairs and tumble dryers can be pretty nasty at times!

      Thank you for the prayers.

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