In The Fog

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Specifically Lupus
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One thing that seems to get a great many laughs when it comes to Lupus is brain fog. Usually I don’t have too many dramas with the aforementioned fog but the last few days have been just a bit silly.

I’ve decided to get a box. A box with my name on. It will be used every time I want to put something down “just for a second”. This box will stay in the same place AT ALL TIMES (to save me losing the whole box and contents). The amount of times this week I’ve put something down and then thirty seconds later have no idea where I’ve put it has been ridiculous. But the real twist is when you find your glasses in the fridge.

I think “Yale” Locks would be a good investment (assuming I remember to take my keys) because I keep having to go back to check the door after locking it only moments before.

My next car will not only be an automatic, but also have one of those systems where it locks itself as you walk away.

My rheum appointment yesterday didn’t happen… or more to the point I arrived a little early… erm… two months early. I must have read that letter twenty something times so how I read it as being September and not December is beyond me. But I guess it helps if I’d actually seen him within the last year (so much for three monthly appointments).

I just went to make my son a cup of juice. Simple task, yeah? I take the cup to the kitchen, I add juice, I come back (with cup). But no… I took the cup to the kitchen, stood waiting for the kettle (that I hadn’t turned on) to boil, reaching for the sugar to add to the cup I suddenly realised something was wrong… I’d forgotten the milk! How stupid of me to forget the milk for my son’s juice…

I’ve forgotten the point to what I was saying so I’ll stop here…


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