Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

As suggested by the title. This one’s about sleep.

It’s something I’m missing at the moment. In the last 106 hours only around 6 of those have been awarded to sleeping. Although that’s not including some rather random “microsleeps” at inconvenient moments.

I’ve always had weird sleeping habits but it’s never seemed to be a problem, at least from my perspective. Sleeptalking seems to be one that runs in the family. My sisters can even hold conversations with each other when asleep. Sleepwalking has only been a problem on a couple of occasions. One instance springs to mind where I ended up sleep walking from my house to a friends. It wasn’t really all that far but at least I was wearing pyjama’s at the time. If I remember right, my mum started hiding the door key at night for a while after that.

Teenagers. They go to bed late and get up late. I would go to be early and get up really late. Usually to my covers being nicked or cold water. And I’d still feel tired.

At university (although I think this applies to most students) I spent most of my nights awake and days sleeping.

And it’s only been since I started sharing my bed that it’s been noticed that I have muscle jerks in my sleep. I regularly end up hitting and kicking. If it occurs when I’m drifting off it will make me wide awake.

But where am I now? I’m stuck with my mind racing but I’ve not really got much on my mind, certainly not in comparison to the last few weeks. My body has been ready for sleep for days. Whenever I get like this my aches and pains increase, my hand-eye coordination goes to pot, I itch all over and feel like I’ve been dropped in a bath tub of ice.

And what am I doing about it? Calming music, wheat bag, hot showers, deep breathing… (if anybody wants to point out the energy drinks I drink, I only have them when I need to stay awake, i.e. work and driving – as soon as I’m home it’s onto the decaff)

But here’s funny for you:
Codeine – May cause drowsiness
Mirtazapine – May cause drowsiness (I hope so as a sleeping tablet!)
Cetirizine – May cause drowsiness

Well, time to go stare at the ceiling for a bit…


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