Can You Feel It?

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Specifically Lupus
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Run until your legs ache,
’til they can’t hold your weight.
Run some more.

Walk until your feet blister,
’til they start to bleed.
Walk some more.

stare at… whatever,
just stare until your eyes are dry and burning.
Stare some more.

drink until you can’t see straight,
’til you have no control of your stomach.
Drink some more.

argue, kick, scream, cry…
’til you’ve made your point.
Fight some more.

to loud music until your hears ring,
’til they feel like they could bleed.
Turn up the volume.

shout until your throat burns,
’til no fluid will cool it.
Shout some more.

cry out of sheer desperation for it all to stop,
cry from the pain, the sickness, the disbelief…
keep crying,
cry because you want it to end,
but you know it wont.
keep crying,
cry when others are looking the other way,
you can’t let them see,
and they’d never understand…

…it doesn’t matter to you anyway. You’re normal.


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