Posted: September 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

The last few weeks have been confusing and painful, both physically and emotionally. And one of the hardest parts is that I can’t talk about it. If I do situations will become awkward, there’ll be arguments and a lot of people will get upset.

Sooner or later it will all come out. Whether I want it to or not. There’s no other way round it. It’s not straightforward either. Far from it in fact. I’ve never known so many things to pivot around one choice, one decision and in as little as two words. But it’s not even that. Even with the decision made there is no guarantee that everything else will fall into place.

Either way something is going to blow up in my face and I’m afraid that it’ll all be taken out of proportion and I’ll look like some callous, egocentric twat.


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