I was meaning to write an entry on my birthday but with me being at work I didn’t get round to it. It was along the lines of thanking everyone for their lovely messages and then going into some profound spiel about being another year older…. I’ve now decided to save you the torment.

The last couple of weeks have been tough and today, on my day off, I’ve stopped for a moment to check that all my fingers, toes and other appendages are still attached and in working order. I’d love to say they are, but they’re not. In the last seven days I’ve been to the GP four times (or at least I will have done by the end of today). For the first time ever though I actually managed to tell I was about to have a flare before it was too late so the first visit was getting stocked up with Prednisolone and pain killers and the second for “routine” blood tests. The third was this morning for the results but also for the addition of a new symptom to the list, a new prescription and the fourth will be more bloods for a Liver profile and testing for Coeliac [Celiac] disease.

James (my son) has been to A&E three times in the last two weeks. First time he fell over at nursery and split his head open, second when he reopened his wound and third when he fell down the stairs. He is at the moment so cut and bruised it breaks my heart. He’s alright and I know he’ll be fine but he’s been a little quieter than his usual bouncy self.

Erica (my wife) has over the last few months had her own demons to contend with but in the last couple of weeks things have really come to a head. I’m trying to be a supportive husband but when I try to help it seems to have little if no effect. Since we started going out and since we got married a lot has changed. A lot of the things we had in common have gone but up until recently I felt like we could overcome whatever life could throw at us. These last few weeks we’ve repeatedly sat down and talked about stuff that’s going on and sometimes I felt like we’d made some move forward and sorted some of the things out, only for the same “discussions” to surface the following day.

Work has been… alright… even with a flare going on I’ve survived. I had my review this week (only a few weeks late) which had been a minor bug in the back of my mind but the outcome was one I was not expecting. With the exception of one instance where I’d overslept and managed to make it from waking at 06:46 to clocking in at 07:03 (three minutes late) I thought my time keeping had been good but apparently there have been several instances where I have come back from my break a minute late… a minute…
Five minutes and I’d understand but for the sake of one minute I’ve now had my contract held back. What also well and truly pisses me off is that you can see the same faces standing at the clocking out machines sometimes ten minutes before the end of a shift…
Without a contract and still working through the agency means that they can get rid of me at the drop of a hat with any lame excuse and given previous experience this has got me well and truly on edge.

Needless to say, I took 11 minutes off my break yesterday – last to leave my bench and one of the first back. If only it were that simple.

Oh, and I now have hairy hobbit feet which I’m assuming is down to the steroids… [sarcasm] joy! [/sarcasm]

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Keep Calm and Get More SpoonsWhat’s with the spoons?


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