What our kids really think of us…

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday morning my son, James, was adamant that we were going to walk down to nursery. Given that I’ve been on the late shift all week I wasn’t in any particular rush so I decided to humour the idea thinking that I would end up carrying him most of the way.

Needless to say, the usual ten minute walk turned into 45 minutes. The real bonus though was in the conversations, singing and James’ unusual mathematical talent…

We had only just got round the corner from home when there in the middle of the pavement was a small brown present that had been deposited by what I assume was a large canine. James pointed it out and said, “Daddy! Poo!”

“Yes James, it’s poo. Don’t step in it.”
“Daddy, pick up poo.”
“Erm…. I’ll do it on the way back.”
“Daddy, pick up poo, work?”
“Is that what you think I do at work?”
“Yes, daddy work poo!”

He wasn’t far wrong on the last statement but I think the real meaning was a little lost. After correcting him on what I do at work that latter statement has now changed to, “Daddy shopping work.” Close enough I guess…

He decided then that we should start singing. So there’s James and I walking through the middle of our town singing twinkle twinkle little star as loud as we could. We got some interesting looks. I can only assume they were jealous of our glorious harmony.

And so on to James’ exceptional mathematical skills. Apparently, the curriculum has changed since I was at school…

“One, Two, Three, Four, Sixteen…”

According to nursery he is well ahead of the other kids in his group.

I told him that I was incredibly proud of him and, although he probably has no idea what I mean, I will keep telling him that I’m proud of him. Just after he was born I questioned what kind of world we were bringing him into and whether I would be suitable parent (given the problems I have in looking after myself at the best of times) but it’s the little gems like yesterday that push those ideas well into the back of your mind and you realise that you would not have life any other way.




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