Newton’s Third…

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

So after Mondays excellent day of work followed by Tuesday and Wednesdays not quite par performance I may have told one of my supervisors that I would exceed the set daily targets by an exorbitant amount on both Thursday and Friday.

I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned but my job does not involve a desk or even a seat. I spend the whole eight hours at work on my feet and moving. Under normal circumstances and tanked up on pain killers this is a fairly straightforward task, however, after my foolish comment about exceeding the set targets I had to push myself beyond my normal set limitations.

In some ways it was a bit of a test. If for any reason they upped the target (again) I would need to know if I could meet it which, it turns out, I can. And here it comes….


Since I stopped and took stock of my body parts on the bus home I started to become a little less smug about today’s achievement.

I had walloped my shoulder on one of the rails at the end of an aisle when spinning round at some speed and after the initial shock the pain killers took over along with my usual mental tricks for blocking pain and I carried on, but on the bus my shoulder was telling me (quite loudly) that it was bruised and swollen.

With the quick pace and large strides my muscles and joints from the lower back down had given up the chase and I almost didn’t make it off the bus. And my feet… well that is going to present a problem tomorrow. My vasculitis has kicked in big time and my feet feel like they have been thrust into buckets of splintered glass.

Perhaps tomorrow morning will be the opportunity to actually tell my supervisor about Lupus (since he was obviously not informed before hand)…

  1. Brynn Clark says:

    So the mouth is writing cheques the body can’t cash. I wonder if that’s some kind of secondary side-effect of lupus…I seem to be afflicted with it as well ;o)

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