5 hours and 1 new shirt later…

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Specifically Lupus
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So I went to Leeds today (after sleeping in late). Having never gone to Leeds other than once to a bowling match I was a little overwhelmed. But admitedly I was mainly overwhelmed by the fact that wherever you are stood in Leeds city centre you are in line of site of a McDonalds. No guesses as to where I had my lunch…

My main purpose was to visit a specific shop and to buy a specific top and I thought that I would be straight off the train, purchase said top, and then back on the train again. But that wasn’t quite how it panned out.

The top in question was black, full length sleeve t-shirt style (nothing complicated so far) and with a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). So not your standard top. Luckily I knew what store to get it from the hard part was finding it and needless to say the hoity-toity feller stood outside Harvey Nichols in a morning suit was less than helpful towards my working-class self and sent me off in the wrong direction.

The shop in question was Rohan’s. And in comparison to the experience of the staff at Harvey Nich’s, the guys in Rohan’s were a breath of fresh air. I was, infact, served personally by the manager whom had the time to speak to me for almost two hours about outdoor sports, various health conditions, and the finer points of New Zealand sheep…

I have to say that for anyone who has any form of photosensitivity they should look at Rohan first. They may not have done it on purpose but for people with the likes of Lupus, XP, etc most of the products they sell are ideal. Trousers, shirts, mens, womens, suits, casual, sports… they even sell UPF underwear that is anti-allergenic, anti-smelling, lightweight, sweat wicking, quick drying, non-chaffing….

This shirt I bought and ordered fout more of for work and these I’m looking at for getting into the garden without any worries.

I’m thinking of writing a letter to their marketing department with a few suggestions…

On a further note, I still haven’t got my friend’s dilema out of my mind and having not seen them for a few days and with no ability to otherwise communicate than through work I have no idea how they are…. I’m worried.


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