Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

I don’t always focus on myself (as can be seen in my previous post) but today on the journey to my Derm appointment I took a moment to reflect on how I’ve been physically feeling. The outlook wasn’t as hopeful as I had initial thought.

Given that in the last four weeks I haven’t stopped I suddenly felt that unwelcome throb in my hips, knees, feet and elbows; the crawling and burning of my skin and the overwhelming fatigue that had set in weeks again but had remained largely unoticed.

I also got a serious telling off by my consultant. I was recommended some long sleeve shirts that, at first, I had been wearing but in an effort to fit in and not stand out at work I had chosen to wear just the standard uniform. Needless to say this may have been slightly foolish. I’m working in a warehouse with high intensity UV strip lights that cannot be avoided and with the lack of long sleeves my forearms have developed hyper-pigmentation.

He did want to put me onto immunosuppressants but I flatly refused. If the decision is between a little suffering but a livable income or still suffering while stuck inside and having no niceties I know which one wins every time.

I got bored over the last few months out of work, bored to the point of insanity and after the crap I put up with at my last workplace I’m not going to lose this one now.

I’ve had the last few months to get my head round everything that’s been going on and this time round I’m prepared to stand my ground for what I believe in and not only that but what I need.

In short, I’m off shopping for some plain black UPF tops in Leeds either tomorrow or friday so at least it will vaguely conform to the uniform policy.


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