Time. If only there was more of it.

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It’s an interesting concept, time. We as human beings created it, or at least in the format that we understand it. The passing of the sun and moon across the skies is not our doing but creating a complex frame of seconds minutes and hours was all our own fault.

As children we do not grasp the so-called importance of time. We wake, we eat, we play, we eat, we play some more, then eat again, watch TV, read a book, we sleep. If this pattern was altered by one hour we wouldn’t notice (and then again would we care?).

But as adults, when the clocks go back, we cherish that extra hour in bed. And come spring time, when they leap forward by that almighty hour, we are cursing since we “lose” an hour of sleep.

When my wife asks for a cup of tea when she comes in from work and I say, “two minutes, my love, I’ll just finish this” she can wait. What would happen if a commander in a war zone asked for artillery support on a turret gunning down his troops and got the response, “to minutes, old chum, just tying my laces”?

Those same two minutes become life and death.

Consider a one and a half hour commute to work. You walk twenty minutes to the train station to catch a forty minute train journey, a five minute walk to the bus station to catch a twenty minute bus journey that drops you five minutes away from work. What would happen if you were to stub your toe on the toy that your child left out the night before? The few seconds of clutching your foot become minutes added to your initial walk to the train station which, in turn, adds twenty minutes waiting for the next train, and the bus you need only runs on the hour? Or perhaps there was leaves on the line so the train was delayed?

At which point is it that we stop wanting to be older and start wishing we were younger? And how much time do we spend thinking about it? Perhaps, we are wasting our time.

We we sit and have nothing to do, time passes slowly, but when we are busy we cannot help but ask for more.

On the 3rd of November my son had his second birthday, and yet it seems only weeks (if that) that I stood helpless as doctors, nurses, midwives and anaesthetists rushed around my wife. Two years have passed in the blink of an eye and I have done very little to progress in life, whilst my son has come so far.

What will happen in the next two years? My son will be ready to start school and will have advanced more than you or I could do now. What will I have achieved in those two years other than adding another two years to my life?

So the choice now is either to sit back and let time pass or use every moment wisely.


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