The Journey

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So here we are somewhere between point A and point B. Point A was somewhere 23 years ago but the starting point isn’t really relevant. It’s all about the journey.

At first we were on the little driven country roads where the view was scenic and the opportunity to stop for picnics and quiet walks in woodland areas were never passed. OK, there was the occasional pot hole ridden road and we’ve had a couple of flats but these didn’t hold us back. Driving slower and going round the potholes cured that problem and every little village seemed to have a local garage with the stereotypically friendly mechanic.

But for the last 7 years we’ve been on the motorway with nothing to observe but more tarmac and the same grass bank. Every month end comes an opportunity to top up the tank, stretch the legs and maybe toss a frisbee around on the grassy area near the services. It’s not ideal but it keeps us going until the next stop. Maybe we’ll get off at the next junction. I miss the country roads and the unlimited opportunities we had.

But here we are stuck in the car. The air conditioning isn’t working and the electric windows have jammed. The sun blaring down outside is only warming the car up. The radio only plays static and the batteries on the pocket game console have run dry. “I spy” lost it’s charm a long way back. It seems like we haven’t stopped for ages and I could really do with stretching my legs and going to the loo.

But my cries of desperation are going unheard by the driver and I’m starting to annoy the other passengers.

My eyes have started to water from the cramp in my legs and the pressure of holding in my “need to go”. Who are the others passengers with me? Do I even know them or are they just random hitch-hikers we picked up on the way? And the driver? Who is this person in control of where we’re going, where I’m going?

Hell, where are we going? And do I get a say in the matter?

I miss the old country roads with their endless possibilities for a change in direction. I could just do with stopping at a quiet little campsite.

Maybe then I could chat with the driver and find out where we’re going and what stops we’re going to have.

We just passed some more services.

Please, pull over.

  1. Tammy says:

    Nice…very nice…

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