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So after the comment I was left yesterday I got to thinking. Why am I so vague when talking about pain? And it’s not just the vagueness of describing it but also in explaining to people when I am in it.

And I came to the conclusion that I cannot expect people to understand something I haven’t even tried explaining as best as I can. So this entry is going to be my best attempt at describing what I go through and when people need to or would like to know I will direct them here.

Where to start? Top down?


Generally speaking I get quite a lot of headaches. At the moment I have had a persistent one for about three weeks. Nothing overly grandiose. We all get them. I was, up until quite recently, getting what’s best described as a migraine and these were happening almost every weekend without fail. I would wake up with it and go to bed with it and nothing would ease it. If you’ve ever had a migraine you know where I’m coming from. And having almost every weekend written off because of these is annoying to say the least.

Ear, nose and throat infections are seemingly a bi-monthly occurrence. And again, we’ve all been there so I won’t expand on that.


1.6 miles is how far I can go before I get a pain in my chest. More specifically the sensation of a burning knitting needle being driven through my upper right lung. I know it’s 1.6 miles because that’s how far it is between my front door and work. This does of course vary if I have to go up a steep hill. I get this pain at least 10 times a week.

Right Shoulder

This is an odd one. It only turns up when I’m fighting fatigue and may have possibly over done just a little on “the whites”. It’s across the length of my collar bone and feels as if my shoulder is going to explode outwards. This one is what I would consider unbearable. It keeps me awake and every movement is agony. It doesn’t happen too often though which is a blessing.


Another that is unbearable. Image a large fish hook caught behind your navel. Now imagine someone trying to reel it in. Your close, but if you’ve never felt it you can’t grasp it. All you can do is roll into a fetal position and pray it’ll go away. I’m told that having appendicitis generates a similar pain.

Hips & Knees

Here’s the fun bit. The one that is almost ever present. It’s only on good days (or if I’m particularly distracted) that this one is not there. Imagine having a balloon inserted into the joints and having it blown up. The pressure is immense and the pain that leads from it can vary from “some discomfort” to “shoot me now”.


Another good one. And easy to describe. The sensation of walking barefoot on sharp stones at it’s best and broken glass at it’s worst. There are some days I take off my shoes and expect to see my feet shredded.

This is not a comprehensive list by far but I hope it’s a bit of an insight for you. They are the ones that stand out for me and I’ve done my best to explain in my own words what they are like.

One of the things that I haven’t mentioned is that, although I have described some bad pains, it doesn’t explain how someone feels after they have had fluctuations of pain for weeks on end. The feeling that the worst is over only to be hit by another part of your body wanting to have a go. It wears you down. And when people don’t realise that you are in pain and expect you to be able to jump up and get a job done you feel like you’ve done them wrong and it’s all your own fault when really it’s something well out of your control.

I really don’t think I’ve put it right but that’s really the best I can give. Unless you have Lupus, Fibromyalgia or some other diesease that involves chronic pain a description is the closest you’ll get.

Hmm… still not happy.

  1. Tammy says:

    Hi! I saw your comment on Christine’s article @ bydls and liked the name Lupoid. I know I am sick (in more ways than 1). ha ha So I noticed you had a website and I thought I would check it out. So here I am. When you described your pains… it so hit home. Especially the migraines and headaches. I am sorry you have them, I know how horrible they are. I don’t think I have come across anyone else that has them for that long of a time period. I hope you have some easier days ahead of you.


    • lupoid says:

      Thanks for the comment Tammy, it’s nice to know I’m not alone! I know that when I’m in pain I feel like the world’s against me and feel like no one can understand. I wish for you an abundance of spoons!

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