On The Fence

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So my idea of sorting out the fence that I’ve been meaning to do for months sort of stopped halfway. The old crumbling fence was taken out, the holes dug for the new fence and it was at this point things started going wrong.

My idea was to recycle some old bits of wood and timber that I had from a previous fence, some pallets and an old door frame so I didn’t have to pay a penny. The posts I used from another old fence, not perfect but still holding together with minimal signs of rot. I’d treated these last month so they should last long enough. The cross beams I decided to use an old plank that, although slightly warped, was still in good condition and the better of the two from the fence I had just pulled out.

Since the gap was smaller than the old location for the fence I cut the cross beams to size and then proceeded to nail them into the posts…. and they split.

I lost my temper (what with this weeks ongoings) and jumped on one of the beams as it laid across the two posts where it promptly split in two.

Not to be out done, I got the other plank from the old fence and put that one on instead. I then put it into the holes and filled them.

An that’s pretty much it. I over did it and my Lupus is giving me problems so I’ve come inside to update you all and have a nap.


  1. nope says:

    what kind of problems?

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