…and crashes down upon you

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Today didn’t get much better from my previous post.

After receiving that letter from my boss I emailed my union rep. The previous meeting I had with HR about my sickness absence was back in February where it was agreed that they wouldn’t monitor my sickness absence until “reasonable adjustments” had been made. And so my rep decided to point it out to her.

I decided I would make an appointment with Occy Health to reiterate the problems I am having so rang, made the appointment and went for my lunch.

On my return I found an email waiting quite patiently in my inbox. It was from HR and I had been CC’d into the response to my union rep.

They, basically, tried to make out that they had made some adjustments (all of which I had come up with and subsequently found were not suitable options)  and that further to my recent meeting with Occy Health…

Dr ****** has indicated that there are no specific requirements that we have to make. We are making attempts based on what is reasonable

This would be the same doctor who told me that Lupus patients do not suffer with any form of photosensitivity and who also told me that a single-glazed window will stop all UV light. I’m no physicist but I thought UVA would transmit through double-glazed let alone single!

I think I’ll take a second opinion thanks.

Needless to say, I saw red mist descend. It’s a damned good job that I was in a locked room on my own at the time since I seemed to lose about half an hour of time.

I have since calmed down and have been able to focus on my next step. The meeting that falls on the 30th June I will be well prepared for. I have clinical evidence that over 98% of all lupus patients (including DLE, SLE, SCLE, Drug-Induced LE, and the rest!) suffer some form of photosensitivity. I have reports stating that I have quite dramatic reactions if subjected to UVR and blue light for prolonged periods, including those from fluorescent lighting. And I shall be pointing out that their failure to act will make me have more time off sick. The cost involved is negligible for an employer of their size and I pretty certain that if they don’t see it as reasonable an employment tribunal will.

And to top it of England were rubbish.

Rant over. Here cometh the weekend!


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