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It’s 04:38. I’ve been sat downstairs since 03:50 and presently I’m pickling my feet in Formaldehyde. No, it’s not some kind of fetish. I just couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind is going in overdrive about both the short term and long term implications of this sickness absence meeting at work. I couldn’t get comfortable since my joints are killing me at the moment (I’m more or less just mashing the keyboard at the moment in the hope that spell check will make this readable). My left arm in particular is in agony due to the fact that the nurse managed to collapse my vein yesterday. I’m guessing that all the draws over the last few years have taken there toll but it still hurts, it was no small vein.

My brain in all honesty is still in bed so I don’t really know what else to put at the moment.

I know there was something else.